Digital Media Communication Solutions Inc. (DMCS) are specialist in Proximity Marketing Advertising & Notifications using Digital Algorithm Technology comprising of Beacons, Eddystone, Geofence Proximity, WiFi Proximity, QR Codes, SMS Notifications, Nearby Maps, Digital Signage, Push Notifications, GPS Tracking and providing detailed customer Analytics & Metrics.

Digital Media Communication Solutions Digital Algorithm Technology proximity platform is a complete digital marketing platform that enables you to reach your customers at the point of decision with Beacons, Geofence, Wi-Fi and QR Codes using contextual advertising and marketing campaigns that allow you to deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes using our Digital Algorithm Technology proximity platform.

Our Proximity Platform allows you or your customer to add Text, Images, Buttons, Audio, URL, Video or Loyalty Systems to the templates we prepared for you, or you may create your own custom templates.

Please watch our short video below of Custom Advertising & Notification Proximity Campaign content being triggered and displayed automatically on a mobile phone that can be anywhere in the world and within range of one of our DMCS-Beacons, WiFi or Geofence marketing campaigns programmed with our Digital Algorithm Technology.

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Digital Media Communication Solutions works with leading brands, and operates as partners to some of the foremost Advertising, Marketing and Media Agencies.

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