Beacons & Eddystone:

Digital Media Communication Solutions Design, Develop and Manufacture our own range of DMCS-Beacons that can be manufactured to also have custom sensors fitted into them, that include Motion, Accelerometers and Magnetometers. All DMCS-Beacons are 100% Water and Weatherproof and are available as battery, mains powered or USB powered. Our DMCS-Beacons are Google certified and compliant with standards FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH and IP65.

Digital Media Communication Solutions Proximity Platform also supports Beacons from the following manufacturers: Estimote,, Bluebar, Bluecats, Gelo, Glimworm, Radius Networks, MyBeacon, Roximity, BlueUp, EasiBeacon, Redbear and Sensoro.

All Digital Media Communication Solutions Digital Beacon Algorithm Technology complies with the ACI and IATA recommended best practice for Airlines and Terminal Airports adoption of Beacon technology.

Please watch our short video below of Custom Beacon Advertising & Notification Proximity Campaign content being triggered and displayed automatically on a mobile phone when the phone comes within 100 feet of our DMCS iBeacons programmed with our Digital Algorithm Technology.

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