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Digital Media Communication Solutions QR Codes are placed on Advertisements, Billboards, Business Windows, and Products and are very popular among companies of all sizes and types.

Digital Media Communication Solutions provide a complete high resolution laser printing service for our customers for the QR Codes that we design and develop for them. The laser printed QR Codes can be used for Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Books, Movie Poster, to name a few possibilities for the use of your QR Codes.

Digital Media Communication Solutions QR Codes can be scanned and captured with a smart phone camera — for example, a typical QR Code may contain an URL. When you Scan the QR Code with a mobile phone you’ll be taken to the website the QR Code specifies. For example, if you scan the QR Codes we made below, it will take trigger the description under each picture

To try our QR Codes, please Click the small picture below for a larger QR Code picture, then please scan it using a QR Code Scanner, we recommend downloading QR Droid Private if you do not yet have a QR Code Scanner App on your mobile phone.

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Please watch our short video below of Custom QR Code Campaign content being triggered and displayed automatically on a mobile phone when the phone scans a DMCS QR Code programmed with our Digital Algorithm Technology.

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QR Codes are machine-readable labels — computers can understand them much more easily than they can understand text. QR Codes are used for everything from tracking products to identifying items. For example, you may see a barcode on a billboard, business window, or a product’s packaging. After being scanned in this way, a typical QR Code would probably take you directly to the businesses’ website. In this case, the QR Code contains a website address (URL.) The point of the QR Code is to allow you to easily access their website without typing any web addresses into your phone — just by scanning a picture.

QR Codes can also be used for other purposes. For example, when you set up Google Authenticator, Google’s two-factor authentication system, Google will show a QR Code on your computer screen. This QR Code can be scanned with the Google Authenticator App on your smart phone and your smart phone will automatically fill in your authenticator information. This is much more convenient than manually typing in an authentication code and checking to see if it was typed correctly.

Digital Media Communication Solutions QR Codes & SMS

  • SMS/Text Campaigns:

Digital Media Communication Solutions SMS/Text Message Campaigns are the fastest, most efficient way to communicate with everyone in your Company, Organization, School, Business, Congregation, or Group.

Create and send SMS/Text messages to all your subscribers in less than 30 seconds. No more miscommunication or missed messages. Instead of texting everyone individually to let them know about a schedule change, flash sale, or inclement weather update, write one SMS/Text message and Digital Media Communication Solutions will make sure all your subscribers receive it.

SMS messages not only have higher open rates than E-Mails, they’re also the most preferred method of contact if customer and employee satisfaction is your goal, as 98% of SMS/Text messages are opened and 95% of those texts messages are read within the first 3 minutes of them being sent!.

Digital Media Communication Solutions provides SMS/Text messaging coverage to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries.

Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss QR Codes & SMS/Text Campaigns for your company or business.

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