Geofence Proximity:

Digital Media Communication Solutions Geofences can be used to target customers in physical locations, allowing you to trigger the right message, the right campaign, at the right time and place.

Some of the benefits include increasing your Sales & Loyalty, and this can be done by bringing in your Customer Relationship Management data.

Digital Media Communication Solutions Geofence Proximity

So when you know customers are near, that haven't been in your store, haven't been in your location, or haven't transacted in a while, this might be a great time to do a win-back campaign and say, "Hey, first name, we've missed you, come on in for a free coffee." Remind them what their loyalty balance might be. Or tell them about new lines that have just come into the store or new products that might interest them based on past purchase data.

In terms of use cases, you can remind them of rewards, you can also survey customers when they leave. So when you get an exit event for your Geofence, it's an excellent time to say, "Hey, first name, thank you for coming in to our business today. How would you rate us?" Don't forget to offer some kind of an incentive or reward for completing the survey.

Digital Media Communication Solutions Geofence Proximity

Tracking competitors is possible as well. You can't really bug out your competitors' stores with beacons, but you can add a virtual perimeter, a Geofence.

You can do the Geofences around your competitor's store and around the locations, so then you know, out of your loyalty base, what customers also frequent your competitors' businesses.

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